Accounting Services


New Business Owners

Are you a new business owner?

Starting a new business can be frustrating when trying to figure out your business type, goals, and taxes.  Figuring out what business type is right for you is made easy with our experts who can help decide what is most beneficial. 

Our business consultants have helped many businesses focus their goals to create the right business plan for them.  We know the ins and outs of taxes to help save you the most money during your startup years. 

According to Stuart Sobel (producer and host of “Wise Choices: Taxes and Charity Today”), 60% of all new businesses do not last 5 years.  Let Summit Tax & Accounting, LLC help you beat the odds with our knowledgeable team of tax experts that will assist in planning your cash flow which is crucial to your success.


Struggling Business Owners

Are you a struggling business owner?

In today’s tough economy we can provide ways to help you pay the lowest amount of business taxes.  Questions to consider would be:

  • When is the best time to buy equipment for your business?
  • Do you have employees? Can you justify all your employees?
  • Location? Expansion?

As a business owner, are you aware of all the tax exemptions for your company?  It's crucial to match cash flow with tax strategy in order to create and maintain a successful business.  Consult with our team to learn more about how to take your struggling business and turn it into a profitable company.



Growing Business Owners

Are you a growing business owner?

What is legally required of a business in order to stay in good standing with the government?  To have a growing business is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming with all of the tax regulations and filing requirements.  Summit Tax & Accounting, LLC can provide guidance and a peace of mind as you navigate the world of business.  We can help ensure that all of the correct federal and state taxes have been filed and paid.  Our Office Services Department can provide you with outstanding payroll and bookkeeping services, to keep your business on the right track.  Do you have the correct policies and procedures in place?  Let our specialists consult with you about your business.  

Personal Tax Accounting

Are you paying too much in taxes?

You work hard, when it comes to filing your personal taxes, you should be certain that you are saving yourself money.  Our Tax Service Team can take the confusion out of filing your taxes by helping to identify all eligible tax deductions. Call for a FREE consultation with our CPAs and Enrolled Agents.


Minister Pay Package

Are you in ministry?

Are you sure you’re taking advantage of all the tax benefits available to you?  Our experts can review your pay package to help ensure it is saving you money so that you can focus on spreading God's word. 

Retirement Plan

Concerned about your retirement years?

We work with clients to develop long-term goals and estate planning.  You shouldn’t have to worry about your finances after retirement from your position, business, and/or ministry.  Our team can suggest ways of avoiding high tax payments while drawing from retirement funds.  Let Summit Tax & Accounting, LLC talk with you about your goals and provide suggestions on what is right for your situation. 



Non-Profit Tax Payments

Do non-profits have to pay taxes?

This is a question we get a lot and the answer is . . . maybe.  It really depends on activities outside of your non-profit organization's mission.  If you’re not sure, contact us to review your mission statement and decide if there is any unreported taxable income. 


Non-Profit Tax filings

What do I need to file with the IRS?

It can be confusing when deciding what needs to be filed with the IRS since it seems to change all the time.  Our minster and clergy tax experts can provide guidance to help ensure everything is done correctly.  We can help you determine the right type of filing while providing a filing service for your non-profit organization.


Non-Profit Record Keeping

Do I need to keep records?

In some cases, churches or non-profit organizations are required to report specific payments or information to the IRS.  Does your organization keep records of all transactions?  No matter what size, the IRS can require you to send documentation of your finances.  Would you be ready? We can help set up or maintain bookkeeping for your organization.