Meet Our Sister Companies


Stewardship Resources, LLC

We provide specialized assistance with PowerChurch Plus software, Quickbooks software, and church accounting needs.  Our trainers are accountants who assist with church accounting software and software set up, training, or clean-up.  With budget-friendly, pricing packages for PowerChurch online and desktop users, our trainers are available in person, on location, at seminars, on the phone or via remote internet and video connection. 

Insight CPAs & Financial, LLC

We provide both full payroll preparation to clients in numerous industries and support services for clients who prepare their own payroll.  Our tax experts can help capture often overlooked deductions and credits in order to minimize taxes due.  We prepare tax returns and advise businesses, as well as provide reviews and compilations for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Financial Litigation Consultants, LLC

Financial Litigation Consultants, LLC, is a professional firm dedicated to fraud investigation, fraud prevention, business valuations, and litigation support in the accounting field. We believe specialized focus is needed for these unique services. We have the expertise and knowledge to work with clients, attorneys and other accounting firms to provide quality service.

Summit Mission

  • Be good stewards of the gifts we have been given

  • Complete our daily work to the best of our ability

  •  Listen to, and hear, our clients from their point of view

  • Be passionate about the quality of our work each and every day

  • Be truthful in all communication, both internally and externally

  • Be efficient in the time and resources used for clients

  • Provide the highest level of knowledge and understanding for our clients

  •  Provide the highest level of customer service to our external clients

  • Strive to be consultants for all of our clients

  • Provide the highest level of service to our internal clients

  • Create an open and honest work environment

  • Be efficient in our use of time and resources for the firm

  •  Expect change for the benefit of the firm and our clients

  •  Expect and promote continued education

  • Expect, in word and in action, continual self-improvement