Procedural Church Review



Our experts have custom-tailored our NEW Procedural Church Review to meet the needs and goals of your church.  This review helps you protect your church by receiving confirmation that church practices are being performed properly so you can focus on God's calling for your ministry.

  • Our experts provide guidance
  • The review opens communication within the church                
  • Our service can help save church and employee money to be used in spreading ministry
  • To know that your church is practicing their accounting procedures correctly will give you a peace of mind
  • Audits are very expensive!  Our Procedural Church Review is a cost-saving alternative to protect your congregation and ministry


The goal of a Procedural Church Review is to create a culture following proper accounting procedures and biblical stewardship.

Proper Accounting Procedures

  • Good church management
  • A well-equipped staff
  • Effective communication


    • Budgeting with a purpose
    • Reporting with integrity
    • Planning for future growth


    Covered Areas

    Our experts will cover the following areas during your review.

    • Payroll
    • Health Benefits
    • Church Government
    • Internal Controls*
    • Financial Reports*
    • Contributions
    • Church Software
    • Taxes
    • Auxiliary Ministries

    Services Include

    • One-on-one interviews with key personnel
    • Review of  documents
    • Individual pay package guidance
    • Comprehensive report findings
      • Financial metrics
      • Fraud risk factors
    • Meeting with board & congregation
    • At your church or at our office