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Tax Help: How To Reduce Your Tax Preparation Bill Let the Summit Tax & Accounting, LLC team of tax professionals provide you with expert knowledge in tax preparation to ensure your tax return is done properly. Our team is the best choice for excellent income tax services! | 217-877-6766

Church Management Software: Six Reasons Why Churches Need To Keep Records Does your church or non-profit organization avoid keeping records? That could be a big problem if the IRS requires records to maintain your current tax-exempt status. Watch this video to find out more! | 217-877-6766

Church Management Solutions: What Is A Procedural Church Review Our experts have custom-tailored our NEW Procedural Church Review to meet the needs and goals of your church. Watch this video to find out more about this service! | 217-877-6766

Tax Preparation: Items To Provide Your CPA Follow this list of tax information items and your tax preparation will be completed quickly. Become a tax client and get to know our expert tax team. Call our Summit Tax & Accounting, LLC team for excellent tax service this tax season! | 217-877-6766

Tax Preparation: How To Select A Tax Preparer There are approximately 1.2 million tax preparers in the United States. Be sure to choose the correct one for you this tax season. Call Linda Wolfe, EA today! | 217-877-6766

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